Rikka + Michael: A Personal Wedding Touch


We asked Rikka and Michael to tell us about their proposal and wedding … and to strictly not leave out any of the good details! Well, ladies and gents, the report is in and we are so blown away by Michael’s efforts to create the most magical proposal moment in time for the two of them. I urge you: read on!

Describe yourselves as a couple?

Rikka: We’re far from perfect, but we couldn’t be happier. Every day we wake up and choose to make the other person’s day the best we possibly can, and we always have each other’s back. We’re a team.

Michael: Life-long friends.

What was your main focus when planning your wedding?

Rikka: I believe that a wedding should be about the love between two people, so my only focus was on Michael and I.

Michael: At first, I thought I wanted a big, family and friend focused wedding. But after experiencing the difficulty involved in pleasing everyone, I came to the realization of what a wedding should be about – myself and my future wife.

How did your wedding day pan out?

Rikka: Our wedding day was incredible. We were in a stunning location at an amazing venue which was decorated beautifully. We only invited our parents to the wedding, so it was incredibly intimate and meaningful.

Michael: I was nervous! It reminded me of playing a grand final. But when I arrived, I could see that everything was in place and that calmed me. Our ceremony was everything we ever wanted, and more. Josh was great, he made our ceremony light-hearted and fun, but mostly meaningful. I would not have done it any different. It was perfect.

What was your experience with The Elopement Collective like?

Rikka: Honestly, it was the best. I felt like Britt was a lifelong friend. She was always on the same wavelength and completely understanding when issues occurred. I only have praise for Britt and the whole Elopement Collective team.

Michael: Wonderful. No one wants the stress of preparing or organising anything on their special day. Knowing that a team of experienced and professional people were taking care of our day enabled us to completely enjoy our wedding day.

Tell us about the proposal!

Rikka: We had just moved into our brand new home after what felt like a lifetime of building! We were both at home one night, and I had to go and drop something off at his parent’s house. When I got home, I found candles and roses leading up the front deck. As I followed them in, they led me to our theatre room which he had decorated with fairy lights and candles, and he had the last rose in his hand. I sat down beside him, and he pressed play on the TV. He had spent hours making this amazing video, by linking together a whole heap of Disney movies. He incorporated our own story into it by using different parts of different movies and putting our names into it. Michael always does over the top, cute-as-hell things like this, so I was just taking it in for what it was – something amazing that my boyfriend had made for me! Then the screen went blank, and a date and time appeared. A recorded phone conversation started playing. I realised straight away that one of the voices was Michael, but it took me a while to realise who the other person was… But when I did, I realised what was happening! It was my Dad! Michael had called him to ask permission to marry me. He asked me to close my eyes, and when I opened them he was down on one knee with the most incredible ring I have ever seen! I still don’t know how I managed to find someone who goes so out of their way to make me feel so special!

Michael: I wanted to do something different, there were so many ideas running through my head. Then one day it hit me, a Disney movie but in my own way. I created a series of linked moments in Disney movies to describe Rikka and how I felt about her. Once I had finished making the movie, I organised the proposal only a few days after moving into our new house. I had arranged for Rikka to leave the house, and while she was out I put up fairy lights and roses leading into our theatre room. After everything was in place I was sitting there waiting for Rikka to come back home. As I was sitting there waiting, I was taking in the moment as much as I could. I was nervous. I heard her pull into the driveway and it was all starting to hit me. Rikka walked through the door into the room with the most surprised look on her face. As Rikka approached me with a handful of roses that led her to me, I handed her the last remaining rose. At this point I think she still had no idea what was about to happen. Then under fairy lit lights I pressed play to the movie. The movie was a hit, watching as Rikka laughed and smiled. She still had no idea what was about to happen. Then when Rikka heard her Dad’s voice, she cried with disbelief. I kneeled on one knee and opened the box and asked for her hand in marriage. I think, from memory, the emotions got in the way and Rikka never actually said yes. But we’re married now, so I guess it was. The smile did not leave my face for the whole week.

The sweet, fresh photos below by SB Creative Co give us a taster of Michael and Rikka’s personal wedding, organised by The Elopement Collective.




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