Renee + Jamie: Vintage Garden Wedding


“We had parted ways, however after two months back together, to win my love back, Jamie made me a desk with all these cool spots to put specific things I owned on. He painted it this awful pale purple colour and bought me a nice plant. No one had ever made me anything and I thought it was the best thing in the world! But it could never be just THAT one thing that makes me love Jamie, like one moment or one thought. It’s probably more the million tiny things that make him so special.”

The two lovebirds were embracing on a mountain top at Wilson’s Prom, when Jamie bent down and asked Renee to become his wife. What followed was an intimate garden wedding, celebrating the couples passion and love for each other. The day ensued a romantic and quirky vibe, with vintage lounges for guests to relax on as well as lampshades intertwined with greenery hanging from the marquee ceiling.

The Love Jug captured the joy of day in the images below.





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