Renee + Alister


There’s so much more to this couple than meets the eye in the beautiful wedding photos you see below by Heart & Colour. Their relationship has seen them through a myriad of trials and triumphs, ultimately culminating in a devoted commitment to spend the rest of their lives together, no matter what. Here Renee shares their journey:

In January 2010 Alister and I started living together in New Farm as housemates, with two other friends. I knew of Alister but had never spent any time with him. All I knew was that he was in a band, played the bass guitar and was a bit too cool for me. We immediately worked well as housemates. He was clean and respectful, and fun. He had a cheekiness about him that was instantly charming. I was attracted to his down to earth nature and lack of pretence. In about May 2010 we talked about the idea of a group weekend trip to Melbourne. We both asked a few friends to come along. None could make it. I remember asking Alister whether we should still go. He responded maybe a little too eagerly in the positive. By that stage there was chemistry between us, but the possibility of him being interested in me never entered my mind as a realistic possibility. We missed our flight from Brisbane to Melbourne. Neither of us minded paying for a new flight to Melbourne. That night we had a delightful evening out in Melbourne. Alister told me he ‘liked me’. I responded in kind. That was the beginning of the next 5 years and of a lovely weekend in Melbourne, which for obvious reasons holds an affinity in our hearts. It was in Melbourne, almost 5 years later, after dinner at the same restaurant that he asked me to say yes to forever.

During those 5 years, like any relationship there have been many highs and many lows. We’ve had some incredibly fun times and also some incredibly challenging times. I am a lawyer and run my own business and Alister has put up with my long working hours and the urgent phone calls after hours and on weekends. He has had dinner waiting for me when I come home late from work more times than I can count. During our relationship Alister joined the Army which has taken him to Canberra and Melbourne for lengthy
periods and now Afghanistan in January 2016 for 7 months. We were present in the same city for 3 of those 5 years. I’ve had to come to terms with the concept of being an “army wife” and am now looking forward to the “adventure”. It wasn’t always that way. During the periods of long distance we’ve communicated by skype, face time, email and not at all. We’ve “taken a break” only to realise that neither of us wanted a life without each other’s presence in it. We’ve experienced the sensory assault of the unfamiliar and the euphoria associated with international travel to Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan and New Zealand together. We want to travel the world together, learning, growing and experiencing each other and everything this world has to offer. We are now on our way to starting a family together when our bebe arrives in May 2016. We want to support each other in our careers and passions. We want to face life together, side by side. Marriage means the opportunity to do all of this together and to grow in our love and in our friendship.


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