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If you love life and cherish the real moments that make it uniquely yours, then you’re in the right place. I’m a creative & friendly Adelaide based wedding photographer who specialises in natural wedding photography. I use an organic approach to capture your personality, unique love story, real emotions and the mood of your wedding day. The perfect option for relaxed, free spirited and authentic couples who adore little details, candid moments and natural portrait photography.

We know you want to skip to the pictures (we do it too!), but the real heart of this post is the heart of the photographer behind it – Sarah from Little Car Photography, a woman with a huge passion and goal to mindfully create photos with artistic intent, WITHOUT losing the natural essense of a moment. Based in Adelaide but available Australia (and world) wide, she specializes in the real, the authentic, the raw and beautiful emotion of a wedding day.

Being friendly, approachable and empathetic is just as important to her as her technical approach to taking photos.

“It’s one thing to capture a persons face, but another entirely to capture their laugh, a sigh, a little glimpse at who they really are.”

We sat down with Sarah and heard about how she takes the kinds of photos she does. And we began to discover that being the awesome, adventurous, down-to-earth person that she is, creating spaces for gorgeous emotional moments to happen comes easy to her! She loves adventures with friends, cuddles with loved ones, yoga, hikes through hills & scrub, day dreaming, red wine (and chocolate!), green vegetables, sunshine, dancing badly, finding new places, swimming in the ocean, singing in the shower, fluffy cats, and, of course, taking lots & lots of beautiful photographs! YES, YES and YES.

We asked her a few specific questions about her business, and her answers were so refreshingly HONEST + VULNERABLE that we just had to share them with you:

// What was your inspiration for the business?

Little Car Photography was created as an artistic alternative to the many traditional or purely candid photography options available. Providing natural photos with a distinctive style, and an experience that is simple, relaxed and real. I won’t just stand back to ‘spray and pray’ with a purely candid approach, but I won’t pose every single detail and stage every aspect of your day either. I’ll be in the background capturing beautiful little moments when I see them, but I’ll also be there with you creating artistic images of movement and life. I know when to step back, and when to step forward to create life filled images that show the true expression and nuances of your life, love and celebrations.

// How did you go about starting up?

After studying film at university and working as a photographer at a publishing company in a studio for a few years I attended a friends wedding with my camera. I captured some memories for them on the day and was instantly hooked by the fluidity, uniqueness, surprises and real breath of fresh air and life that I felt witnessing the day through my camera. I suddenly realised that working in a studio wasn’t for me, and I wanted to be “out in the real world” with real people, real emotions and the beauty of a real moment. As soon as I realised this, I put myself and what I wanted to do out there (at a great “beginners” discount) and got my first real client! The buzz and rush has never died, and I now shoot 50+ weddings and elopements a year, helping other photographers where I can.

// What are you offering that is different from the rest?

I believe that my most unique and cherished talent is my friendliness, approachability and relaxed personality (second to the way I see light and the world of course!). I actually truly and honestly enjoy meeting new people, hearing their story and capturing their smile, no matter what goofy thing I have to do or say to see it. My excitability when I see beautiful light and shadows, or a gorgeous location is infectious, and so when I create a memory for my clients they feel like they are part of the creation and moment and have a great experience. We’ll run up hills to chase puddles of light, spin in fancy dresses and laugh about the little things as I hide in bushes to capture the perfect, natural, and fun moments of their day.

// What gets you out of bed every day?

Is it cliche to say that the potential of a day gets me out of bed? Along with sunshine of course. If its a sunny day, and fresh sun beams fall across my bed I instantly feel energised and can’t wait to get up and breath in the sunlight! I love life, no matter how hard or busy the day is. Every day has the potential for beauty, unique challenges, connection with a stranger and any number of wonderful surprises. I’m lucky that I love my job and can work from the comfort of home too, who wouldn’t be excited to work in their uggies with a glass of wine at lunch?

// What do you love about your job?

Other than working at home in my uggies with wine at lunch? I love meeting new people so so much. I feel so blessed and so travelled thanks to my job. I’ve seen so many beautiful places, met so many different, interesting and beautiful people. I have heard so so many amazing stories of heart ache, struggle, strength, love, and beauty that I feel incredibly blessed! I feel like my relationship with South Australia, Australia, and even the world (thanks to our wonderful multi-cultural Nation) is so enriched.

// What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage to me is a promise, that no matter what, no matter how hard (or even how ecstatically wonderful) your life is as a couple, that you will try with every fibre of your being to make a life that works together. It means that you dream of growing old together, but you will take whatever life dishes out to you together. It goes beyond love, it is a commitment that you and your lover will always have at least one other person on their side in life. And even on days that you fight or feel like giving up, you’ll remember your wedding day and your promise. I feel that marriage is a promise to both yourself and your lover that you will be honest with each other, and give everything in your joint life your best shot.

// Tell us about your favourite experience as a business owner?

I honestly can’t pick one favourite moment in this industry. I thoroughly enjoyed climbing the bluff in Port Elliot with a couple on their elopement to watch the sun go down. I absolutely loved driving 6 hours to the northern Flinders Ranges to capture a dusty country wedding under the stars. I felt tears of joy every time a mum and/or dad broke down seeing their little one grown up and so happy. I squealed with excitement with each and every couple that chased the last fading light puddle of the day with me. And I dance all night long at every reception I’m booked for, camera “sneakily” (if the bright flash isn’t a give away) snapping away. I am one of those cliches that really does take joy in every little moment of life, I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite.

// What is one piece of advice you would give to someone just starting out in the industry?

It is hard. Really hard, no matter how much you love what you do. You will be rejected, not just by potential clients, but by other photographers too. But don’t give up! Not everyone will like your style, and everyone starts somewhere. Keep asking photographers if they’ll mentor you (expect to pay, or offer to pay, you want to respect their time and knowledge). Even if you offer to pay a photographer for their time, don’t be discouraged if they send a one sentence reply (or no reply) saying no (they may be busy). Practice every moment you have. Feel the joy in what you do and chase that. Don’t chase the trends, find your own timeless style. Connect with as many other photographers you can, either new or established. And also, study as much as you can, with as many amazing photographers as you can. You will learn and grow so much. Finally, don’t undervalue yourself, your time, or the industry you are trying to enter. Figure out what you want to charge, and make sure your early clients know that your normal rate isn’t always “dirt cheap”, this is an introductory special as you get established and learn the tricks of the trade. Don’t lie about your experience or your talent. Tell your first clients that you’re a beginner and that you are not experienced, OR, second shoot for other photographers FIRST. Treat what you are doing as a real business, and respect your clients as real customers, and you can go far. (Couldn’t stick to one piece of advise, sorry!)


You can find Sarah on her website, instagram or facebook, or reach her at [email protected]


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