Relaxed Allure



This season, it’s all about the brushed-out wave, a little lived in and real. For the makeup, choose shades of pale pink and blush on the eyes in natural earthy tones. Start with a light coverage foundation with a semi matte finish and use concealer only where needed, to keep the skin looking natural. Blend a deep brown shadow along the lash line instead of eyeliner for soft definition. Don’t forget waterproof mascara to finish the look. Keep the eye shadow matte and let your lips shine instead with a barely-there caramel colour gloss. Add a soft pink blush on the apple of the cheek and blend well to achieve a seamless finish. This natural look requires beautiful, bold and groomed eyebrows—fill them in with a brow powder and you are good to go.

Edgy, yet romantic, this look brings all attention to your eyes. Paired with a stylish understated bun and a soft pink lip, it’s perfect for the season. The hair is loose, yet textured and voluminous—don’t forget to leave out a few wispy strands. Focus on warm, natural shades of browns and gold on the eyelids. Use light cream eye shadow in a champagne shade to highlight the eyelids and inner corners of your eyes. Lengthening mascara will help to complete the look. Subtle highlights on top of the cheek bones and the high points of the nose will add just the right amount of glow, and a hint of light matte bronzer swept below the cheekbone will give you definition. Finish the look with a soft pink lipstick, adding a satin finish.


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