Redmoose Wedding Co: Laura + Aaron


“I have wanted to marry her since I was 16.”

What started as a friendship spanning time and oceans settled into a relationship that everyone truly wants. One where, as Laura puts it, they have not run out of things to talk about yet. These images captured by Jordan Kowalski Redmoose Wedding Co of the day show how effortlessly true the companionship is between Laura and Aaron, portraying with a dash of honesty and a pinch of sass the connection and contentment that is well ingrained to those that know them. For their loved ones who have watched them from the ages of 15 and 16, moving abroad, tentatively tiptoeing along Shelley Beach and along the line of “is this a thing?”, the images capture, on the flip side, the content of being alone together: of untroubled, quiet solitude, of candid enjoyment and of everything nice about this “being together”. Evidently, there’s a little bit of cheek, a little bit of devotion, and a whole lotta love.


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