Real Weddings: Janet + Ralph


It’s a 30 year celebration of marriage for the owners of Villa Botanica in Airlie Beach goes to show what marriage and love should look like in 30 years rather than always focusing on ‘new love’. They are the most eloquent and poetic writers and it’s a very emotive film. We leave it to Shaun and TJ of Lemon Tree Film House to describe how they felt and what they saw capturing these insanely special moments between Janet and Ralph as they renewed their wedding vows:

I absolutely admire people like Ralph and Janet who have the most incredible ability to absolutely 100% put their love into words… in its entirety. When you listen to the words they’ve written you can’t help but hope that your marriage is, or will be, as perfect as theirs or that your partner loves you as overwhelmingly as Ralph loves Janet… Please do yourselves a favour and spend 14 minutes watching, and listening, to the most beautiful love affair of all time. If Ralph and Janet don’t inspire you to put everything you have into creating a marriage as full of love, laughter, passion and companionship then nothing will. Word of warning, you better grab your tissues…

Janet + Ralph {30 Year Celebration of Marriage} – Villa Botanica from Lemon Tree Film House on Vimeo.


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