Real Wedding: Vincent + Kate


They met in Bali, couldn’t speak a word of each other’s language, and ended up marrying each other. And whilst the short of that story is adorable in itself, the fact that Vincent followed Kate to Spain after, surprising her at her door to take her out for dinner, skipping after dinner mints and opting in for four years together in France before moving back to Australia instead. Now Vincent is full blown Aussie, along with the slang and all bells and whistles, and Kate is grateful for giving up an 8 month Spanish Course for French instead.
Now they’re married, and here are the gorgeous images by Nic Donohoe to prove it. A gorgeous coastal wedding with Kate’s gown provided by Marry Me Charlie, and simple, pastel blooms and styling, there’s a simple beauty to their day that we’re all for. And we’re all for the love between these two as well. So there’s two ticks.


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