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Real Wedding: Scott + Bianka


Scott and Bianka did things differently for their wedding, the two inseparable from start to finish. Bianka forwent the bouquet so she could hold Scott tightly instead, Scott walked her proudly down the aisle, and the two spent hours of quality time together before the ceremony playing cards and drinking coffee and enjoying each other’s company. Bianka mentions that “Standing there together, side by side, holding each other tightly as we started to walk down the aisle, our emotions were high and the memory of this moment will stay with us forever.” So honest and beautiful to start a new leg of the journey together actually together at every moment. Photographer Ash from Stories By Ash reminisces that “their pure happiness, excitement and love glowed in their faces all day and from the moment they first saw each other they didn’t let go.” Seems like their priorities are straight, and we’re just as proud of them as their families and friends sure would be.


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