Real Wedding: Melissa + Aaron


Melissa and Aaron did away with all the bells and whistles, instead creating an intimate and cosy wedding with the help of The Pop-Up Wedding Co. Read on to find out more about their private elopement.

How much of your wedding had you planned before you decided to elope?

We started planning our wedding and met up with numerous vendors/locations. It started getting stressful and not fun. We joked a few times that maybe we should just elope but then one day we looked at each other and said wait a minute, let’s seriously do it!

What made you decide to elope, and what drew you to the Pop-Up idea?

We decided to elope as we wanted our day to be just about us, special, fun, relaxed and happy! We wanted to have the ‘wedding’ without the baggage that normally comes with it although we didn’t want to just go to a registry office. We still wanted to dress up, have the flowers, and get married in a beautiful location and have amazing photos captured. The marriage was more important to us then the wedding.

How did your friends and family react to your elopement idea?

Most of our family and friends were supportive and happy for us as they knew it was what we wanted to do and at the end of the day as long as we were happy they were happy.

What details did you have to organise?

Pretty much what we were wearing and our rings. We also decided that we wanted to include our family and friends so we organised a celebration party to be held after we announced our elopement. We wanted the best of worlds, an intimate ceremony and a fun party with everyone afterwards! The rest was taken care of by Pop up wedding which made the lead up so relaxed and stress free.

What mattered to you most when it came to celebrating your marriage?

Having an amazing time, making wonderful memories, with the beautiful moments captured and getting married to each other

What was the best part of having a Pop-Up Wedding?

Everything was taken care of so all we really had to do was show up and enjoys it! You know you’re in the best hands as Britt is with you every step of the way and the best part is you are not worrying about the little things that truly don’t matter but consume you when planning a ‘ traditional ‘ wedding. Also the people they work with are so talented! You will not be disappointed.

What advice would you give to any couple thinking about having a Pop-Up Wedding?

Life is short! Do what will make you BOTH happy and not what you think is expected from you! At the end of the day you need to decide if the wedding is more important or the marriage itself.


Melissa & Aaron Private Pop Up Wedding Elopement from Wilde. Visual on Vimeo.


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