Real Wedding: Keith + Rachel


Dragging loved ones from every corner of the earth and allowing them to meet, some for the first time, was an awesome experience for Keith and Rachel, who chased each other around the world and made a real effort to be together. At their wedding, described by the bride as a “month long festival” for everyone who had flown out to Australia to visit, Nina Claire was lucky enough to be able to capture the memories. Keith is from Ireland, and Rachel is from Canada, yet here they are calling Sydney home, and we’re so glad Sutton Forest was their wedding venue – the stunning warmth in the colourful surrounds would have really been a show-off point for visitors and even locals. It reflects the idea of a wedding being an escape from every day life, to celebrate the ability to relax with loved ones and the love between two people. These two did it right, and we’re a little bit proud.



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