Gorgeous Outdoor Wedding: Katie + Chris


Katie and Chris celebrated their wedding day down by the “backyard” of their friend’s property in Gwindinup – the property is so big people camped out for it! It was the perfect getaway. Katie, Chris, and their photographer, Tanya Voltchanskaya, were even able to sneak out into the bush and down to the river for some location snaps. These made it look like the three of them were in a completely separate destination altogether!

And what a knock-out couple and bridal party. The florals, the dreamy dresses, the incredible croquembouche tower, and the best part – a great dane called Blue who was there from the start of the ceremony right through until the party on the dancefloor.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any sweeter, Chris is a boating enthusiast and proposed to Katie on the maiden voyage of his dream boat that he built himself.

Scroll down to check out Katie’s Paolo Sebastian gown, captured by Tanya Voltchanskaya!



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