Real Wedding: Josh + Natalie


Recipe for a cutesy, vintage inspired wedding:

1. Visit your grandmother and every other grandmother you know and empty out their house.

2. Fill wedding venue with contents of said grandmothers’ houses.

Get married.

We’re not entirely sure that this was how Josh and Natalie went about creating their dream day, but if the images were the only thing to go by, we’re satisfied with our own conclusions. Luckily, Josh and Nat were able to tell us the story behind these images by Aaron Shum. Family was, incidentally, involved in the planning and execution of the day, with a lesser number of oldies-sourced pre-wedding planning alongside Blissful Weddings’ aid, a dash of nieces as flower girls and nephews as ring bearers, Josh’s dad officiating the ceremony and their mums the real hands behind the planning and styling. And it was all because two people love each other and have fashioned a beautiful life together, that these beautiful images now grace our page. The recipe may be different, but if love is the result, we’re not all that sure it matters that much.


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