Real Wedding: Jimilla + Tristan


Weddings in a homely environment always tickle our fancy, and perhaps that’s why Tristan and Jimilla’s day put some serious grins on our faces. Michael Taylor of Milque Photography and Films would have surely enjoyed his role in the day, capturing those smile-worthy moments and the humility of the occasion. From a routine morning surf to chasing poultry (we hope the poor thing survived the reception dinner!), frivolity and fun seemed to be a recurring theme for Tristan and Jimilla, and we can only assume that it’s going to be one for a very long time.

Tristan: she brings out the absolute best in me I am a better person today because of her and I will continually grow to be a better man tomorrow because of her.

Jimilla: Tristan truly is my best friend that means we have all facets of any true friendship, good times and bad but we choose to do this life together and we are making our very own happily ever after.


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