Real Wedding: Glen + Jacinta


It seems that Glen and Jacinta pulled a Laura Gibson and went looking for a sea change for their wedding. Literally. Barwon Heads boasted dry, grassy lawns, little weatherboard homes and water as far as the eye could see set the scene for their day that Richard Grainger was lucky enough to get some shots of which we’re even luckier to see today. The couple had their hands full designing and making everything for their wedding, even setting up the hall with their army of family and friends. Jacinta loves Glen because “he’s the gentleman – opens doors, holds heavy bags, and is always ready with a strong handshake and a dad joke to break the ice.” For Glen, coming home to see the smile on Jacinta’s face makes him so happy and “all the troubles of the day just dissipate.” Well, that’s the kinda marriage we like to hear about. Sounds like these two are no-frills in love.


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