Real Wedding: Clare + Peter


Because of their history growing up as neighbours and attending school together, Clare and Peter say that their family and friends are all a big bundle of mutual friends and so this allowed them to have a more casual feel to the wedding captured on the day by Lauren Campbell – the lucky lass. Besides a 15 minute ceremony, there wasn’t much more “tradition” to it. “We basically wanted everyone to eat, talk and dance the night away.” Imagine, then, if life was just one big wedding day put together by Clare and Peter! We’d be stoked, just quietly.

For Clare, marriage isn’t just about the two of them together, though she does believe fervently that “locking him down for life” is definitely a bonus (cute). Having two collections of friends and families intertwine from the bond between two people is equally as important. Peter’s words around their marriage can be whittled down to a subservient “ditto” (totally kidding) – but he looks forward to celebrating love every single day for the rest of their lives.


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