Real Wedding: Camille + Mathew


Lauren Campbell has got that stunning photographic style we gravitate to like a moth to flame. For the 10 minutes it took us to scroll through the images of Camille and Mathew’s wedding, we could have sworn time stood still or, more accurately, that someone hit the mute button on everything happening around us. Not only is Lauren ridiculously talented, she also happens to be super lovely, which makes her rather spesh in our books. In her own sweet words, ‘Camille and Mathew are two of the sweetest people you could meet’.  We believe it–Camille’s smile has got to be one of the most heartwarming we’ve ever seen.  It happened to be raining on their wedding day too, but through Lauren’s lens, raindrops look like fairy dust and the gloom of grey skies like a mystical blanket. We love everything about this wedding, but most of all, we utterly love Lauren Campbell’s work. Thanks for sharing! 



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