Real Wedding: Brooke + Tom


Permission to ask Brooke and Tom to stop being so absolutely gorgeous together. These images shot by Fred + Hannah show two (and a half!) people coming together to say “hey, let’s do this thing called life hand in hand” on Tasmania’s Boat Harbour Beach, surrounded by little vintage elements and loved ones. The ceremony was intimate, hidden by rocks with only a path of flowers to guide the couple to a surprise set up, with their guests following them. Brooke and Tom love how throughout everything, they keep each other on their toes, yet also calm one another down.

They say that the most important thing about their wedding was to give their guests a “glimpse” into their life. Their advice? “Create an event the way you both like to celebrate, in a place you love to go, eating food you love to eat, at a time of day or night that you love to play.” I’m sure they also approach  the entirety of life in the same way, and we’re all for it.


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