Real Wedding: Bronnie + Jack


There’s something eccentric and quirky about this wedding and we can’t get enough of it. Warm tones, warm smiles, and warm hearts abound in these images captured by Rachael Elizabeth Photography.

But what we love most about this entire wedding and the relationship behind it is what the couple have to say on the topic of each other: “I love watching Bronnie interact with other people,” Jack proudly states, “the compassion and care she has for others is truly astounding.” For Bronnie, it’s that “Jack is a strong leader, he is both dependable and kind. He encourages and supports me in all areas of my life.”

If the simplest characteristics such as these are what make people love each other, then there’s so much hope for other romantics out there. If there’s anything we can learn from these two, it’s that you’ve gotta be willing to unconditionally love to find unconditional love, and be invested in it.


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