Real Wedding: Bec + Tim


Bec and Tim threw out tradition and threw a celebration instead for their wedding, getting rid of the trivial nonsense and legal mumbo jumbo to reveal the natural, hilarious connection between them and their surrounding friends and family on their “wedding day”. Secretly, the two got legally married days before the day at a registry office so that on the day, their close friend could have creative licence to say whatever they wanted during the “ceremony”. Tomek Photography was lucky enough to see all this debauchery and cheekiness unfold, capturing these gorgeous images of two people completely and utterly in their element.

The two say that for them, love and respect comes second to fun, laughter and getting the most out of life in their relationship. For that reason, they are best friends, and they “believe in and support each other” in a way that means together they can accomplish anything. The dreams and aspirations of one another are paramount. How absolutely inspiring.


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