Raw yet Romantic


Themed around ‘Raw Romance’, this shoot is an exploration of the authentic and unadulterated beauty evident in a loving relationship when stripped bare of expectation and pretence. This underlying beauty formed the inspiration for Coco & Confetti’s shoot which celebrates simplicity, honesty and a genuine romance, uncluttered by excess. Every aspect of the shoot was chosen to reflect this philosophy, using simple yet beautiful elements, carefully incorporated with attention to detail to allow the real-life couple and their love to shine.

The venue, Casa Ciani, doesn’t shy away from its roots as a former farmhouse but instead draws beauty and meaning from its natural surrounds – a country cottage nestled at the feet of a tumble of rolling green hills in the Northern NSW hinterland and approached via a tree-lined boulevard.

Stretching along the length of the drive was an intimate table setting for two dozen – distressed timber trestle tables and classic bentwood chairs, dressed with the textured greens and soft whites of botanical floral runners. Each place setting featured organic-shaped earthenware crockery in natural tones and hand-dyed napkins, with gold accent flatware and the striking monochrome calligraphy of bespoke wedding stationery. The result was simple, honest and inviting.

The real-life couple arrived at the venue, barefoot and love-drunk, him in chinos and crisp white shirt, with the individual touch of a wooden bow tie and leather suspenders, her in a stunning ivory Grace Loves Lace gown and carrying a large gathered bouquet of native florals bound with hand-dyed silk. The two bridesmaids followed closely behind, wearing lace dresses and braids of flower buds in their hair.

The couple and their friends relaxed on a low-set lounge, sharing champagne, sweet treats and laughter together and gradually nestling in closer as the sun set around them. Drawing on the atmosphere of fun and delight, they collected handfuls of props and bundled into the playful Insta Kombi together, a classic 1974 Volkswagen Kombi van that has been lovingly restored and repurposed into a mobile Photo Booth.

When the couple emerged from the Kombi, the landscape was illuminated by the soft ambient glow of crisscrossing Edison festoon lights suspended from the trees along the drive. They took their places at the table to enjoy a slice of the incredible wedding cake amid a sea of candles running down the length of the table and surrounding them along the grassy verges.

“As a creative team, it was incredibly rewarding to emulate a real wedding at Casa Ciani to demonstrate this venue’s fantastic potential, complete with a real couple that brought the raw connection we needed to pull off this shoot. There was even a beautifully styled bespoke wedding website by RennyLane prepared for the couple to introduce elements of the styling and theme well before the big day,” says Emma from Coco & Confetti.

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Raw Romance from Anchored Cinema on Vimeo.


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