RaRa Kitty


It’s a rather cool name that makes you sit up and expect to see something equally rather cool, which is a given when you’re all about vintage styling and have a name like RaRa Kitty. We love, love, love this boutique event styling company with it’s old-world china, stuffed deer heads and furniture so gorgeous it makes us want to posh up and mind our manners. RaRa Kitty style weddings and events, and describe their finished look as a ‘lived in and very much loved’ one. But we all know antiquated decor can charm the socks off us better than anything the modern world has to offer, which is why RaRa Kitty’s gift of creating the warmth and magic of yesterday today is a such a covetable one. Oh we could go on but better we show you what we mean. Scroll south and adore what the Kitty and her team of magnificent women have created.


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