Rachael + Dannial: Riverbed Romance


Dorothy truly said it best when she tapped her ruby red heels together and reminded us all that “there is no place like home”. And when you live on an insanely gorgeous 100 acre property on the edge of a picturesque river, would you dare to argue with Dorothy? I think not.

For Rachael + Dannial, they never looked any further than their doorstep when it came to planning their wedding day. Sitting on the edge of the Colo River just 90 minutes from Sydney, their property is a wedding location that will take your breath away, with crystal clear waters and lush Australian bush.

With their ceremony in — yes, you read that correctly — the Colo River, and a relaxed party in a paddock afterwards, Rachael + Dannial’s day was a raw celebration of natural beauty and true love.

Scroll down to see images, beautifully captured by James Day.


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