Queensland Countryside Wedding


After a cleverly disguised proposal, Alice and David celebrated their wedding with family and friends on a sunny day in Montville, Queensland.

Tell us about your proposal.

David: Proposing is a big decision, even when you are very certain that you want to be with someone for the rest of your life. And of course, there is no guarantee that she will say yes, which is a little scary.

Alice had sent me some ‘speculative’ pictures of engagement rings. The diamonds seemed to be… large… Not deterred, I undertook a global tender to find the perfect diamond which was located in London. I helped design the ring and collected it while studying at Oxford. On a stopover on my way back to Australia, I booked a table for lunch at Alice’s favourite restaurant in Noosa. I also asked Rio, the owner and my friend, to get a dozen roses for me. I disguised the ring in a large box and Rio brought it and the flowers out when I gave him the signal… she was shocked to find a ring. We walked on the beach with our pup Morty and had a few drinks as the sun went down. The next few days were a blur of family events, and jet lag.

Alice: We had of course discussed marriage, but the proposal was 100% unexpected. I had no idea, the box was way too big to be a ring, I was just hoping the “necklace” would suit my earrings! I was speechless when I saw the ring: it was one of the most exciting feelings I’ve ever had. The ring is gorgeous and suits me perfectly. We didn’t tell our family and friends until the next day.

How did you know your partner was the one?

David: I really don’t know how to answer that question. We live in a world where logic, rational thought and analysis are pervasive. But some things do not work by those rules and it is not always possible, or even desirable to know how things happen, to know that they do happen. I knew.

Alice: I don’t really know, I just knew… David and I understand each other, we have been through a lot together and we just never let go of the relationship, even when it would have been easier to walk away… it just seemed to work for us.

What do you love most about your partner?

David: Alice is direct and has a disarming honesty and a joyful approach to life. She cares about the little things, she is not judgmental, and is empathetic to the feelings and circumstances of others. I value these traits very highly. More than this she is one of the most emotionally resilient people I have ever met. She loves me transparently and challenges me to be a better man.

Alice: David is an extremely loyal person and he will fight for his family and loved ones. He always fought for me and shown me his love in so many ways. I love the way he can always make me laugh!

What was your favourite part of the wedding day?

David: She walked down the aisle, and she smiled at me. It is like the single moment when you realise that someone is giving themselves to you, and you are giving yourself to them, and that’s as right as anything else you have ever known in your life.

Alice: There are so many things I loved about the wedding day. I loved the ceremony so much, it’s the part I remember most clearly… We were very involved with the whole ceremony and it was perfect for us. I also really enjoyed the 15 minutes we spent alone before joining the party after the photos. It was really lovely to just take a few minutes to realise that we were married… I would highly recommend that to couples getting married… it’s the only time you will spend alone all day.

Describe your wedding theme. We tried to steer clear from having a specific theme. We wanted to keep the wedding true to “Montville” which to us is a very magical place, green, earthy tones, natural and fresh. The colour scheme was green, white and gold which allowed the natural beauty of Montville to really shine through.

What was your favourite detail? We did a tango to the song Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen), but when we got out onto the dance floor we realised pretty quickly that the dress was FAR larger than we had anticipated and it made dancing REALLY difficult. But we pushed through. Most guests were impressed with our dance and it was so much fun to go to dancing lessons in the months leading up to the wedding.

What is marriage to you?

David: Marriage is a journey. It is like setting sail together in a small fragile boat across an unknown ocean. There are new lands to discover, dangerous storms to be weathered, days when good winds drive you across a sparkling sea, and days when you are becalmed and make no progress at all. Yet you have chosen to take the journey together, to rely on and trust each other and to take the risks of the voyage and believe in the promise of the future.

Alice: I think that marriage is a symbol of forever, a public proclamation of love and commitment. Could we have gone through life together without getting married? Yes… but I love the significance of the everlasting commitment, the coming together of family and friends, the celebration… the party! I am looking forward to everything that life brings to us.


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