A quaint Swiss wedding on the shores of Lake Geneva: Sandra + Jonathan


A quaint Swiss village on the shores of Lake Geneva was the perfect place for Sandra and Jonathan to pledge the rest of their lives to one another. With a shared passion for art, adventure and (of course) each other, the couple sees great things in store for the future as they create, change and grow together. Their marriage journey began high in the Swiss mountains, where Jonathan had stealthily planned the perfect proposal …

“Sandra and I were doing long-distance between the UK and Switzerland, and I went over in June for a few days. We went on a beautiful day trip into the mountains, but I knew that my future wife was so discerning that she’d work out exactly when I’d propose if I organised something super well. So I kept it fairly relaxed. We were having fondue on a balcony, watching a massive summer thunderstorm roll over the mountains. I had the ring in my pocket and decided that that was the right moment, as two different thunderstorms coming from different directions met in front of us. So I got on my knee, feeling pretty nervous and excited at the same time, and proposed. It felt amazing to propose and then sit, just the two of us, taking it all in for a precious moment.”

Dear Jonathan

I think I still can’t fully realise what is happening to me. This last year has been the most beautiful one ever, and I so look forward to the ones ahead as a married couple. I want you to know how much it is an honour for me to become your wife and walk by your side. You’re more than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. You fill me with happiness and affection. You understand me, read my heart and serve me in a way I have never experienced before. I love your heart and I know that you will do everything you can for us and that is just so powerful! I love the way you talk to me, you fight for me, encourage me and push me outside of my comfort zone. Moreover, I love the heart and vision that you have for our marriage, the principles that you want us to apply, and I want to honour you with all that I am and encourage you in your gifts. My wish as we walk together is that we will be a couple that stays fascinated about the little things that make a day so unique and full of surprises. I hope that we can be an example to other couples. You are now my everything and I cannot wait to share my life with you.

Dear Sandra

To my beautiful, vivacious and stunning wife! I find it hard for my mind to comprehend how blessed and excited I feel about being your husband. Your sharp mind, tender heart and love of adventure continually enthrall me and I am just so excited to discover those little quirks and things that make you come alive. My hope and desire is that as we grow together, we would uncover each other’s uniqueness and identity more and more each day. That we would realise our dreams and desires together, and help each other to grow into the fullness that we were made to be. May our faith bind us continually closer and draw us towards our loving Father, in order that we become more whole and healed daily. May the creativity that dwells in both of us be evermore revealed as we get to know each other more profoundly.


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