QT: The Ultimate Boutique Hotel


This may not be one of the first designer hotels to spring up in Sydney but in our opinion it’s certainly one of the best. QT describes itself as boutique, though in adopting such a title it crams into the term a lot of very cool, niche design and architecture. The décor is both past and present, with 220 quirkily-designed guest suits crafted within the historic Gowings and State Theatre buildings. And in an effort to preserve and propagate history, many of the fixtures and fittings are originals; kept and lovingly maintained from as far back as when Gowings and the State Theatre were both thriving enterprises.

Aesthetically, nothing in QT’s impressive splay of common rooms appear to match, yet a harmony between features and fabrics inexplicably prevails. From the old-school barber shop to the brand-spanking new Gilt Bar, the entire arrangement leaves you open-mouthed from arrival to departure. Best of all, it’s a prime venue for pre-marital parties where having the time of your life is a given. And from the instant you’re led through the sliding glass doors by a bob-haired red-headed attendant, a type of fantasy ensues–almost Alice in Wonderland-ish in its excessiveness. You could almost be anywhere and would stay forever if you were allowed.

Many places call themselves different but few truly are. QT is the place you go to when you’ve been everywhere else.


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