Hunter + Rach: Pre Wedding Peek


Whilst a first look session might not be considered long term tradition, many couples are embracing the opportunity as an intimate way of seeing each other for the first time, away from the hustle and hubbub of surrounding friends and family; a thoughtful precursor to the marriage ceremony itself. This is exactly the experience Hunter and Rach opted for, two days before their ceremony in Alaska.

Due to less than ideal changes in weather, the couple chose to move their actual wedding to a less than ideal location, but decided they couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to hike through Hatcher Pass in Alaska for some beautiful first look photos. Location on point, Rach braved the most beautiful floral print dress through the melting snow, with boots and a handful of greenery and burnt orange and yellow flora.

Together, they were able to share some timeless moments and words with each other, captured by Joshua Mikhaiel Photography and co photographer Ashlee Marie Photography.


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