What to do with those post-wedding blues


“So, when’s the big day?”

“How’s your wedding planning all going?”

“You’re going to make the most beautiful bride!”

The bubbling hot pot of questions from all your family and friends have been flattering, encouraging, exciting. You’ve been reading wedding magazines and excitedly pinning onto Pinterest boards for hours upon hours, blissfully spending your time scrolling through wedding related images for inspiration, illumination and well, because you’re a bride to be and you can!

For the last year or perhaps longer, you have been planning, thinking of and dreaming about your special day, and it really was incredible!

But now you’re adjusting to a new type of life, and… Perhaps feeling a little deflated that it’s not your wedding day anymore. It’s called the ‘post-wedding blues’, and it’s a real thing.

You might even be experiencing guilt feeling this way after the big day…

BUT this feeling is to be expected, and it will pass. It’s an adjustment phase, and you are acclimatizing to a new type of life now.

You can now embrace the new things you now get to do as a married couple- and create things to look forward do. Plan dinner parties as newlyweds, meet up with friends and talk about what you are experiencing,  see the wedding as the beginning of an entire life together, and start to input into how you want that life to look. 

It’s a feeling that most don’t anticipate or talk about, as the wedding day takes up literally all of your brain space (And then some!). 

However, I want to venture that we open up the conversation, and chat honestly with each other, about what to expect when you’re expecting… ahem, wedding-ing.

And remember how many more incredible moments you both have to look forward to, together.

-Jess x


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