Portugal Elopement: You, Me and the Sea

Portugal Elopement: You, Me and the Sea


What goes better together than a Grace Loves Lace gown, the beautiful countryside of Portugal and a couple so eager for their souls to be entwined they up and elope? Nothing you say? We agree. When Sean was sent on a remote location tour to Terciera, Portugal, his gorgeous fiancé Cat felt rather shattered. However, when she was allowed to visit for three months she quickly fell in love with Portugal and an idea was planted firmly into her mind. What better place than this to elope? Cat rented a quaint little farmhouse and enlisted the help of the superbly talented Florida based Christina Karst Photography to capture all the magical moments. We are so very pleased she did, the results are absolutely amazing. Take a moment and allow yourselves to be whisked away to Portugal for the finest elopement we ever did see.

Carly Tia


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