Wedding Flowers

Pomp And Splendour


We find ourselves in an epic fantasy on the blog today. Walking on clouds is a sure sign of deity or love but also, it seems, of ingenious creativity. Pair a florist that can bend flowers to her will with a photographer that sees the world quite apart from the rest of us and what do you get? A styled shoot so incredible it whips you clean out of reality. Pomp & Splendour–an inspired floral design studio in Melbourne created by florist and nature lover, Petra Cremming–is sole-handedly responsible for the bountiful bouquets we can’t help but gawp at. We all know flowers are beautiful, but this … this is a whole other-world kind of beauty. Hence the rather angelic feel. We left earth a long time ago ladies and gentlemen, and how nice it is up here too. Thanks to Lilli Waters’ incredibly captivating photography, we are content to skip about on clouds all day!


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