Photography with Heart


When long-time friend of white, Carla Busk aka Willow + Sage, got in touch with us recently about a new initiative she wanted us to help share, we were more than happy to. But when we read this, our hearts just about melted. Carla’s selfless gesture of giving away a wedding to a couple who can’t afford professional photography will have such an impact on the lives of those luck enough to work with her. Kudos Carla, we love you and your work x

A couple of years ago I met an amazing girl who came to my house to see me about shooting her wedding the following year. So over a coffee on the deck we spoke about her fiancé, her upcoming wedding, how she met her future husband and then we moved onto her family and how she got to where she was that day. Something about her and her story touched me deeply, especially after finding how in love with my images they were. But, due to loads of unforeseen circumstances, some family relayed that they didn’t have much in a budget to be able to afford me. It broke my heart worrying that they would possibly miss out on have professional photos of their whole special day and instead have to do with whatever they could get.
So, I offered to do their wedding as a gift instead, only asking for them to pay for my accommodation and food expenses.
They took my offer and their wedding was awesome, so beautiful and emotional. When I got to the room the day before, there were chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a sweet card waiting with a heart-felt message.
I have decided to do this every year for one couple that is in need, amazingly in love with each other, but cannot afford professional photography.
If you know of anyone you know of anyone you wish to nominate, send their story and pics to Carla at [email protected]


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