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Guys, we are doing a wet-our-pants dance at the moment cause we have Tania from Percy Handmade with us today. We love this lady as much as we love her glorious handmade bridal accessories and feel utterly spesh that she took the time to do a quick interview. Read on to discover what she would take away to a desert island with her and all about her latest collection.

So how did you get into crafting handmade pieces? My love affair with sewing began before I even knew how to sew.  Some of my earliest memories as a child involved curiously watching my mother create dresses at the dining room table. My curiosity never went away, even after completing a double degree in Communications (Public Relations)/Law and spending several years working for the Australian government.  In early 2009, I received my first sewing machine (affectionately named Percy), and taught myself to sew.  As I learned new techniques I felt a sense of creative freedom and comfort that drove me to want to learn more. And the rest is history!

What statement do your handmade pieces make? I’m a romantic at heart and would love my pieces to celebrate beauty in the detail and spirit of modern romantics. 

So what inspired your latest collection? The new collection, Forevermore, is inspired by the charm of autumn, the cool silence of winter, the spirit of spring and the glorious warmth of summer. I’m inspired by the perfections of nature and the seasons; those moments you feel the rays of sun on your skin, the cool breeze against your face or childlike awe when you watch a bud slowly blossom.  I wish for my pieces to bring my brides back to those special moments, especially those magical moments on their wedding day.

What do you love about Forevermore? Its timeless appeal–perfect for countryside nuptials or soirees under the stars. It’s definitely a time intensive journey to create each piece but I think that’s what I love about handmade. I feel that each piece has a story and a soul. 

So how do you relax Tania? My gorgeous chocolate Labrador, Bear, is my constant reminder to take a break.

Something about you we don’t know? If I was stranded on a desert island and I could only take 3 things, I would bring my husband, my dog and a giant batch of crème brulee.

What does a fun day look like? Oh this is a tough one! It would start with a large flat white and wholesome breakfast, a walk with the pooch, a full day in the studio and a delicious dinner with my gorgeous husband. In fact, that sums up my every day.

You love your job because … every single day I get to work with my hands, my heart and my mind.

How inspiring. Thanks Tania, you are a veritable genius. Scroll south and check out a taster of her Forevermore collection. 


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