Penny + Chris


A wedding doesn’t get more elegant and refined than hosting it at a château in France, which is exactly how Penny and Chris planned their gorgeous day. But not everything was as smooth as the day they tied the knot. Read on for their hilarious proposal story, and check out photography from their wedding below, captured by Bonnie Jenkins Photography.

‘Chris had planned a romantic sunrise proposal on the beach over breakfast but there was a storm the weekend we were away. His first attempt was sabotaged by a backpacker called Jeremy who decided to have a philosophical discussion with us on the beach, followed by a poem that he created for the two of us on the spot. I was cold by the end of the discussion and Chris had to abort! The second attempt was the following night before dinner in Sails Restaurant. At this point Chris had run out of time, as he wanted to celebrate over dinner,  so he proposed on the beach with a storm as the backdrop. It was dark at this point so I couldn’t see that he was holding a ring and thought he was joking around. Once I had gotten over the shock I obviously said yes!’


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