Paula + Tim – a perfect union

Paula + Tim – a perfect union


There’s something about Paula and Tim’s uniquely country wedding that has our hearts yearning. Yearning for dusty roads, for skies so littered with stars that you have to search for the blackness, for sun beaten paddocks and for rusty water tanks. This gorgeous couple’s special day reminds us how lucky we are to call this beautiful country home. And home is exactly where this beautiful day eventuated (at least for Tim) in the groom’s hometown of Euroa, Victoria. We have a little romantic tale to tell you lucky folks about the venue of Paula and Tim’s wedding… The property is home to a very rare set of “union trees”. Experts say that due to the two gum trees fusing at the top of their thick trunks, if one were to ever fall, so would the other. How special is that?? The spirit of Paula and Tim’s wedding was so sweetly captured by the talented duo Tom Blachford and Kate Ballis of Raspberry Robot. We are in love!



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