Paper Dolls- The Lost Art


Most of you reading this would not even remember a time before mobile phones and text messages, emails, Facebook or even Instagram. I know I certainly don’t. That’s why we were so excited to discover the paper craft geniuses, Paper Dolls; two lifelong friends who are taking it back to where it all began. They make the simple art of letter writing that little bit more fun with their unique hand crafted designs. Specialising in the creation of party invitations, corporate gifts, bespoke wedding invitations and invitations for any kind of special do. It was the love of beautiful paper and a desire to revive the ‘lost art’ of letter writing that inspired the Paper Dolls concept.

Not only are they talented in all things paper but the two friends Nic and Anita, have reinvented ways to use other handmade crafts that are rarely seen these days. Like crochet, yes you know those beautiful crochet doilies your Grandma has, they use them in their creations! To see more of their never ending sweet paper treats check out the Paper Dolls website. But for now here is a taste of some of our favourite cards and invites. Enjoy! x

Issue 41 Out Now $15 Free Shipping to Australia