Over the Moon with La Lune


It’s taken the better part of seven years to master the art of standing next to strangers without being noticed, but they’ve done it – La Lune Cinema are pioneering a new age of cinematography where people are unaware of the  camera that’s out and about capturing those special moments. “Because we want honest films, the less we are acknowledged on a wedding day the better,” Joel explains. “It ultimately works best for us if people forget we are there.” Joel believes that what’s different now is that there are accomplished film makers offering wedding cinema that brings the whole story telling side into things. “We don’t want to record stuff, we want to tell a story.” Shooting a film from a guest’s perspective, the team at La Lune want to reflect how they would feel, what they would see, and what they would focus on.

And whilst you’re off honeymooning and moving into that house that you’ve just put down a deposit and pulled strings for,  La Lune is at work for hours and hours after the wedding is completely over. There’s the ‘feel’ to establish, the style of wedding to capture and, of course, an overarching artistic tapestry to weave in. It’s not a job for the flighty or impatient. But the rewards are more precious than gold.


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