Ornamental Plum: Juicy Sweetness


It’s not too often in life you get a neighbour who you can openly say you honestly love. From trees overgrowing into your yard, to loud music, to squabbles over who mowes what, next-door neighbours are usually a little hit and miss.

Well, we must’ve done something very Karmically neighbourly in another life, because the neighbours we got stuck with at this year’s The Eclective in Adelaide, were so darned sweet – we’ve made friends for life.

 Ashlea and her husband Trent are, besides being front-runners for the Cutest Couple in the World Award, are the seriously talented creative couple behind Ornamental Plum. Hailing from our hometown of Newcastle (represent!), graphic designer Ash brings her artistic perfection to the sweetest wedding stationery designs.

 Soft, whimsical and effortlessly detailed, these wedding sets from Ornamental Plum are quite simply – juicy sweet!


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