Asha + Cam: Open Sky Wedding


Asha and Cam’s gorgeous wedding was one filled with native flowers, smiles, and ice-cream cones! We interviewed Asha to tell us a little about her and Cam’s love story. Check it out below, alongside dreamy pics by Nectarine Photography:

Tell us about the proposal!

Cam surprised me and booked us in at Pullmans resort in Bunker Bay…so beautiful. He then said he wanted to do a time lapse of the sun setting over the ocean at Sugar Loaf Rock. It was freezing so I insisted track pants were appropriate attire, and he insisted maybe leggings were more appropriate … (Secretly knowing I wouldn’t want our proposal video and pictures in my $5 Kmart trackies!) He set up his film camera and sat next to me just chatting, nothing romantic, so I wasn’t too suspicious. Then he checked on his camera and said the film hadn’t worked. Next minute he was on one knee on a rock overlooking the ocean and blurted out ‘I wanna marry you!’ and so in shock, I responded ‘I do.’ It was nothing like the movies but it was perfect for us.

How did you know Cam was the one?

It was on our second date … My first second date. I never had allowed more than one date to happen before running a mile and panicking with other guys. As soon as he sensed I was a little nervous he said, ‘Asha, I just want to have fun with you,’ not like the creepers that confess their undying love date number one and tell you they cant wait for you to meet their mother!

So we went for a bike ride (a really long way) where we stopped and I wasn’t feeling too well. All I felt like was cereal. So at 7pm our dinner date was Weet-bix in takeaway bowls in a little alleyway outside the supermarket. It was the best date I’ve ever been on, we laughed all night and I thought, ‘This guy gets me, he is the one.’

What do you love most about Cam?

He treats me and cares for me and makes me feel beautiful and so valued. He sees pearls in me that I can’t and has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.

What were your first thoughts when you saw Cam on your wedding day?

I cant believe I’m the one that gets to marry him! And seeing him cry, it was the first time I had ever seen him cry.

What was the most memorable part of your wedding day?

Walking down the aisle and the dance floor – we danced all night in the paddock with no shoes on!

Any advice for future couples getting married?

Keep it all in perspective and keep loving each other. Don’t lose the joy of the day because of stress or money or planning. You are getting married because you love each other and you want your loved ones to share that with you. Be strong, it’s your day! You will always offend someone, but in a few months they will forget!


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