One Fine Day Bridal Market Recap!


This year’s One Fine Day Bridal Market in NYC was a DREAM! Held during New York Bridal Fashion week, it brought together the world’s most incredible wedding dress designers in one space for buyers and media to connect with them.

The fact that something like this exists is a testament to the beauty of creativity – that every year trends change, are made, and are redefined, all for the sake of that one bride on her wedding day feeling like the most beautiful person in the world.

Walking around and meeting the different designers, hearing their stories, noticing the different trends emerging for 2018 – we were in awe! We are excited for our 2018 brides who will get to wear these dresses! We’re so incredibly thankful for the beautiful overload of gorgeous bridal fashion designers (and all-round awesome people), as well as the OFD team for pulling off a masterpiece of networking and friendships.

Karen Willis Holmes | Daughters of Simone | Chosen By One Day | Moira Hughes | Kate McDonald | Anna Campbell | Made With Love Bridal | Chantel Lauren | Tatyana Merenyuk | Savannah Miller | A. B. Ellie | Goddess By Nature | Jack Sullivan | Pas De Deux Bridal | & For Love | Daarlana Couture | Divine Atelier | Tara Lauren | Jenny Yoo | Modehaus | Rembo Styling | Untamed Petals | Rachel Simpson | Nazarela | Fiona Claire | Cherry Williams | Alexa Karina



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