NZ Wedding Fairs: Rustic winter


We’ve seemingly chanced upon the winter season, stumbling into the intermittent cool breeze and odd bouts of rain. Despite such tempestuous weather, we still find ourselves with a bounty of beautiful outdoor inspiration, this time brought to us from our neighbours overseas in fair New Zealand. And rather than becoming sullen over such conditions, NZ Wedding Fairs has embraced the lighter side of the winter season to promote their upcoming Christchurch event.

This shoot is awash with rustic winter charm, the kind that warms the chilled heart of the icy season, encasing couples in a “blanket” of comforting tones and soothing hues. With refreshing styling and inspiring photography (captured by Susannah Blatchford Photography), this shoot imbues romance and sincerity, and has left us all with an eagerness to discover more of what this enticing event has to offer. If you have caught the NZ Wedding Fairs fever too, take a look at their website for more details.


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