LULU + MISCHKA’s Love Union Celebration


We believe each of us desires intimacy deep down; the knowing that another person or group of people love and respect us, and accept us just as we are. It’s been such a privilege to share in Lulu and Mischka’s Love Union Celebration captured by Nina Claire Photography. With each image a window into their stunning and very personal day, it’s as if we made friends with them and were invited along to be part of the event! Here is what Lulu said about it:

“The dream was to have a relaxing, rejuvenating retreat away with our closest community of friends and family. We invited 40 guests and had plenty of space and time to connect and celebrate this passage in our lives. Our Love Union Celebration wedding was filled with yoga, kundalini’ dance, chanting, a men’s and women’s circle, swimming in the river, community lunches (all food was organic and gluten free) and, of course, our magical wedding ceremony. Mischka and I made a huge effort to really make our wedding day unique and totally us!

“When carrying out our bush theme we didn’t particularly come from any religious stand point, though we feel deeply connected to indigenous tribes around the world, and to nature and the purity it holds. These were our main influences in arranging our special day. As musicians we love connecting with people on the level of sound and singing. Our dream and work is to bring people together wherever we go, to unify with their voices with positive messages from the heart.”

Check out their music here.


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