News: Tegan Asha's Première Collection


Tegan Asha started her ready-to-wear label in 2011. In just two years she’s a face that represents excellence in design and a name to reckon with in bridal couture. Ready-to-wear is as alive and glorious as ever. Her motivation to start up her label? “It developed as I became more and more aware of a lack of beautifully made ready-to-wear gowns available in the greater Hunter Valley region,” she says. “I wanted to make garments that were easy and comfortable to wear, could be worn with proper underwear and were glamorous enough to wear to other occasions after the special day was over.” In our opinion (and that of deliriously happy brides), she’s succeeded. Smashed it even. But that’s not all. “I also made the decision to source beautiful jewellery for my customers, as it’s hard to find occasion-appropriate jewels in the area,” she says. And indeed her pieces are beautiful, crafted with Swarovski crystals and finished off with rhodium plating. Cool huh? Soon she’ll be moving into designing delights for your merry band of bridesmaids, too. Oh Tegan, is there anything you can’t do? You can view her stunning Première range at One Fine Day, Australia Technology Park, this Friday (7 Feb), and try on anything that catches your eye. In the meantime though, scroll south to see what you could be prancing around in on Friday or what you can get online at  



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