New Zealand Wilde Romance Inspiration


The Wilde Romantic is a stunning depiction of an elopement with romantic textures and bold colours. Set in the wild, rugged countryside of New Zealand, the mountains scattered around this dream team of vendors as they put together this visual feast!

They travelled together a few hours to photograph in this stunning Canaan Downs, one of the many rugged locations seen in the Lord of the Rings. We adored all the ways they offered inspiration – from  the wild and free bouquets and gorgeous gowns to the streaming afternoon light.

A bride awaiting her truest love, in absolute awe of her surroundings and the definite quiet, she hears nothing but the sound of the whispering wind, and the ancient beech trees whistling in response. She dreams of the adventures in which she will soon endeavor. She dreams of her future, and just how perfect it is destined to be, if this is only the beginning.



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