New Zealand Valley Elopement


Carly and Sam were on a 6 week road trip in Canada, on the way to meet up with Carly’s Canadian family. They stopped off in Yukon, where you can see the Northern Lights, and booked an ‘off the grid’ remote cabin for 3 nights. In the dead of night, Sam woke Carly up to go and see the lights. Still in her pyjamas and half asleep, she wrapped herself in a blanket and they drove to a nearby lake. Distracted by the brilliant blue and green lights, Carly didn’t notice Sam wasn’t sitting with her until he awkwardly got down on both knees and proposed…BEFORE meeting the rest of the family! For the pair, the moment was perfect.

Never ones for a big fanfare, their favourite part of their wedding was that it wasn’t a wedding at all! The pair eloped to New Zealand and celebrated their love in a gorgeous valley next to a flowing stream. “It was just a day celebrating each other and being completely and totally selfish,” Carly said. “No stress, no rush, no regrets.”

And their favourite detail of the day? ” The fact I was 5 months pregnant at the time,” said Carly. “It made everything so much more special to know our first child together was there with us.”

What is marriage to you? 

Carly: Marriage to me is the most incredible of friendships. To commit yourself to another person for life takes so much more than physical attraction and lust that might have kicked things off in the beginning. You have to get passed that and into a deeper zone where doing even the most boring and mundane of tasks aren’t so bad because you’re sharing them with your other half.

Sneak a peak at the intimate moments of their elopement captured by Lauren Campbell below!


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