New York Bridal Fashion Week with Carla and Luke


I still can’t believe that I’ve been to New York! Totally crazy, totally jam packed, but totally awesome … When we first heard that One Fine Day was heading to NY during Bridal Fashion Week, we got a little excited (Ok, more than a little) and jumped on board right away. Not sure if you’ve been to a One Fine Day fair, but these girls are incredible at creating powerful, beautifully curated events and are always taking things to new levels.

Of course I popped my hand up straight away – who wouldn’t want to go to NY? – then sadly put it down again. This was never going to happen with three kids, one of them only 7 months old. Luke could look after the big two but travelling afar all alone with a little baby was not my cup of tea. So OK, it had to be Luke. We needed to have lots of ‘businessy’ chats anyway, which is totally his thing (just give me the pretty stuff).

But a few days out (seven to be exact) at a team planning meeting we collectively decided that it was essential for me to go … so with guns blazing we were off!

I’ve been to fashion week events before, but we had no idea what we were in for at our first stop – NY international Bridal Fashion Week. New York had become the biggest bridal buyers market ever … we were flitting from here to there and there to here, up and down subway stations, jumping into ubers! The pace was fast, everyone had places to go and people to see. Felix, bless his chubby little heart, was the most perfect soul. I think we heard him cry only twice the entire two-week trip – such a happy, content bub. He became a bit of a drawcard/icebreaker wherever we went. It was like babies were a rare specimen in Manhattan! He opened up so many opportunities to talk to strangers, which I might of shied away from in all honesty! Thanks baby :)

One of the funniest things was how many talented Aussies I got to meet while over there! Sometimes It’s a bit tricky for me to get out and about with my three little darlings, so any opportunities to meet people face-to-face is super special. Being able to share our white magazine story and our passion, and hear about other people’s journeys is something I really want to do more. The conversations were inspiring and exciting, but I guess that’s what happens when you bring passionate people together. More of that I say!

The trip really was a whirlwind, one that we packed 40ish meet-ups into. There were so many showings (lots of amazing designers), parties, casual coffees, businessy stuff and of course our very own gathering where we brought some of our fave members of the industry together for cheese and chats at the Brooklyn Sketchbook Library! Ahhh Brooklyn … you don’t run short on your offerings.

Thanks to my team for helping prepare and plan the entire thing in a mad rush, and for encouraging me to go. Luke really would of been a fish out of water, but he added to many passionate conversations, was a great baby holder and Instagram husband, as well as the best all-round sidekick ever.

Until next year … enjoy my humble iphone pics xx


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