New Beginnings



After weeks of planning, chatting with our industry partners and plain ole just getting excited, our Relaunch Party was finally here! And what a night it was! Held at the beautiful District 01 venue in Surry Hills, NSW, a mix of our wonderful contributors and favourite industry people rocked up to join us in celebrating our reimagined magazine.


This year, we reached the incredible milestone of 31 issues. And like many of us when we reach our 30s, white has come to a true turning point in its life. “Over the years we have helped so many couples create the most incredible wedding celebrations with the help of some of the most talented people in the wedding industry. We’ve pushed the boundaries and delivered page after page of beauty, honesty and inspiration,” shared Carla Burrell, white magazine’s Founding Editor.

“It has been an incredible journey for us, but one that has now given us the confidence to dream bigger and focus more on the reason why we created the magazine and our fast growing blog; to come alongside couples to guide and encourage them in the great adventure of marriage. To do that, we decided to turn the magazine on its head!”

What has emerged is a grown up wedding magazine that celebrates marriage as the starting point for the incredible journey couples have chosen to make together. It rejects the throwaway culture of marriage and seeks to bring back the notion of true love, sparking a fire into relationships that go the distance. World-class writers, photographers and creatives have been brought together to take readers on a journey that begins as soon as they choose to spend the rest of their lives together. It helps them to craft a truly meaningful and unique celebration that sets the tone for their adventure, and stays with them through the everyday challenges and joys of their marriage.

“This is where our heart is and we’re excited to inspire our readers on a whole new level,” says Carla.

Now, more than ever before, it is our ambition to inspire, encourage and challenge couples to build a marriage as beautiful as their wedding day. With such a universal message to share, we’re ready to bring white to a global audience.


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