Victoria + Nick: Nature Inspired Wedding


Nick and Victoria’s wedding in Silver Falls State Park was very much filled with love and heartfelt details! Choosing to be in the midst of nature, surrounded by their closest family and friends, these two were married in Silver Falls State Park, which is near Silverton and about an hour and a half from Portland. The location full of lush greenery was the perfect backdrop for the event’s classic, elegant feel; and the details of the wedding whilst mostly traditional, were meaningful and heartfelt. They both value their close-knit families very much, and this day was an expression of love to each other, and to their parents, siblings, nieces, and nephew.

One of the most beautiful moments on that day would have to be the couple’s first look. Victoria approached Nick on this private nook in the middle of the forest, with her immediate family looking on. As soon as they faced each other, the emotions just poured out and the happiness in their faces as they realized they were about to get married – just priceless! Victoria and Nick bawled their eyes out, got rid of wedding day jitters, and exchanged personalized gifts during their private time together. It is worth especially noting that Victoria gave Nick a locket with a photo of his mother, who passed away a few years ago, as a reminder that his mother was being loved and remembered on this very special day of his life – his momma’s only boy finally getting married to the love of his life. We’ve been photographing this couple since the surprise proposal, to their engagement, but I believe that was the first time we saw Nick really get emotional and pour his heart out.

The ceremony was officiated by Victoria’s brother-in-law, who is one of their church elders and a man who both Nick and her had looked up to while growing up. Everything felt so real and intimate, with no pretensions, as Nick and Victoria exchanged personal vows in front of a few family members and friends, right in the middle of this beautiful meadow. They walked down the aisle just after their first kiss as husband and wife, and through the door with the Bible verse Mark 10:9 inscribed on it. They greeted their guests afterwards and we immediately whisked them off to another quick portrait shoot as newlyweds.

This was another special part of their wedding day – their special alone time as newlyweds. Victoria and Nick early on decided to exchange rings privately after their wedding ceremony. So we went off to another beautiful part of Silver Falls State Park. The couple put on their hiking boots (we did, too) and started our short hike towards Upper North falls. Yes, the hiking newlyweds definitely spell out AWESOME!

The two exchanged wedding bands in this private spot along the trail, with beautiful arches wrapped in moss surrounding them. They also did a Salvadoran wedding tradition called Arras. The bride explains it as follows:
“Arras, a Salvadoran Wedding tradition, thirteen gold coins no longer in circulation brought overseas by my grandmother were given in secret to my groom, which he then gave to me. The 13 coins represent Christ and his 12 apostles. The Arras are given to the bride as a symbol of the unquestionable trust and confidence the groom has in her. In doing so, he pledges to be a good provider and to support and care for his bride as she becomes his wife. By accepting these arras, the bride pronounces her unconditional trust and confidence in her groom. These coins then become a part of their family heirloom.”

The couple then went on to enjoy the rest of the hike and finally get to breathtaking Upper North Falls, where they just took it all in, waded in the water, and embraced each other; their wedding ceremony had ended, and their journey together as a married couple had just started.


Words and photos by the lovely Gaile Deoso from Wanderlust Creatives.


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