Natalie + Christiaan: Rooftop Wedding


Natalie and Christiaan’s proposal was like a scene from the movies. It was a rainy morning and the pair were watching the sunrise at the Byron Bay lighthouse, the most eastern point of Australia. As the sun appeared above the horizon the rain slowly subsided and Christiaan mustered up the courage to get down on one knee and ask Natalie to become his wife. Of course, Nat said yes and the couple kissed as the rain began to fall once again.

With a general ease and mutual love of laughing, the pair knew from the beginning that they would always be together . Even when doing the most mundane things, Nat and Christiaan have each other in fits of laughter and this kind of joy and zealous for life was prominent throughout their wedding.

The couple steered away from the traditional formalities, instead focusing on having a fun night that encapsulated the couple’s casual yet quirky vibe. The newlyweds added a touch of individuality by creating their own videos and projecting them onto the building walls for guests to watch.The wedding even featured a handmade ice cream cart crafted by the couple themselves!

Nat says the whole day perfectly portrayed her and Christiaan’s love for each other. “We didn’t want to follow any traditions that weren’t true to our character or who we were as a couple. We wrote our entire ceremony and vows which meant it was all very much ‘us’  and entertained people as well as expressing our love for each other. We also didn’t want to miss out on a second of fun and we didn’t want our guests to wait hours in between the ceremony and reception, so we only had photos taken at the venue. This was the best decision we made because not only did each photo have meaning and was in context to the day but it meant we were amongst the action the entire time.”

See imagery of the day as captured by I Got You Babe Photography below.


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