Natalia + Olivier: understated “Festive Wedding”


You know the wedding will go off with a bang when you are all seated at one long table that has taken over a medieval, microscopic Italian village. This playful bride and groom, Natalia and Olivier, entered the scene by dancing around the table and all the guests started waving napkins and cheering. To build upon all the excitement, medieval drummers lined up and drummed in waiters with a shot of vodka for each guest at the beginning of the reception! Natalia and Olivier did what was perfect for them; the mixing and matching of traditions to suit their needs … and subsequently the needs of both their multicultural backgrounds.

To give you an idea of what we’re talking about here, think royal wedding meets cultural explosion, mixed with a level of sophistication and a whole lotta’ party! This shebang-and-a-half started with a Catholic ceremony, but with a Russian orthodox choir flown in from Russia, and the mass delivered in three languages: English, French and Italian! Then having the medieval feast in the streets with the processions only added to the exponential level of shindig.

“We definitely created our own day! And there were so many memorable parts! I absolutely loved coming out of the church, being attacked with rice but seeing all our smiling friends and family.”

We might just take two or three leaves from Natalia’s book of wedding inspiration, but even more, we love the connection between the pair. “I was trying so hard not to cry. I think I was mostly relieved to make it to the end of the aisle without bursting into tears or falling over! But ultimately, I was so happy to be with him in that church surrounded by all of our friends and family.”

Don’t believe what you’ve heard when it comes to Natalia and Olivier taking over the town? Check out the festive photos by Andrea Cittadini Photography for yourself below!


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