Nat + Josh: A Recipe for Laughter

Nat + Josh: A Recipe for Laughter


If you haven’t guessed by now, then this gorgeous wedding is sure to let you know. We have a bit of a soft spot for our New Zealand neighbours. What’s not to love? The most breathtaking landscapes, exceptionally stunning people, cute-to-boot accents and an abundance of talented photographers including the little lady behind these wonderful images, Greta Kenyon. Natalie and Josh have one of the cutest (and cheekiest) ‘how we met’ stories we’ve ever heard. “We met in a terrible bar watching the warriors” Natalie tells us. “I thought he was the best looking guy in the bar but he probably had a matching sized ego. I asked his friend if I could borrow the one spare chair in the bar and Josh leaned forward to say it would cost me $20. I immediately thought what a jerk, whereas he still thinks that was his winning line. It was his hilarious travel stories that unfolded into the night that got me interested though. Our relationship is based on laughter”.  As for advice for future brides and grooms, Natalie emphasises the need for your special day to reflect you as a couple. “Our day was US in every way possible” she says. We couldn’t agree more, particularly if it produces some to-die-for everlasting memories such as these. 

Carly Tia


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